We keep hearing about probiotics and why we need them to stay healthy. Most often, probiotics are referred to when discussing digestive health and foods such as yoghurt are mentioned. However, there are also oral probiotics that can be used to support healthy teeth and gums, reduce tooth decay and assist with eliminating bad breath.

What does the term “probiotics” mean and why do we keep finding ways to incorporate them into our diet and health regimen? Probiotics are a micro-organism introduced into the body for its beneficial qualities. In other words, probiotics are bacteria that enhance your health, rather than some bacteria that may be harmful and cause disease.

One reason probiotics are important for our bodies is because we’ve become accustomed to using antibiotics, which unfortunately kill both the good and the bad bacteria in our systems. In this case, the good bacteria should be replenished.

Our natural balance of oral bacteria is also constantly being effected by stress, medication, illness, what we eat and drink, and how often we’re able to brush our teeth. Taking oral probiotics, such as BreathActiv, helps create a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria.

The effects of oral probiotics like BreathActiv include fresher breath, naturally whiter teeth and the support of gum and tooth health between dental cleanings.